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Urgent Help Needed !


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, June 15, 2018


Chico Senior Softball 2018 season is closing in on 30 years of operations. Those 30 years of existence are due to the hard work and support by our members and sponsors. However, every year we struggle to get members involved in the operation of the league. For the league to grow and operate effectively we need volunteers. That means we need our players to step up as a Coach or Board Member.

Coaching is not difficult and requires little time. It is just managing the players that YOU choose on draft night as your team, then deciding where to place players and setting the batting order each game. Having new coaches means NOT burning out the same volunteer coaches, year after year. New coaches bring new dynamics, putting together different combinations of players for each team.

Being a Board Member, it is just about representing your division players in our monthly Board Meeting. The Board is currently involved with CARD's efforts to expand and modernize their facilities. The Board is also involved with the design of the New Regional Sports Complex South of town.

There are many of opportunities for players to be involved at all levels and we need each one of you to consider stepping up this next year. Each year we need 1 or 2 new Board members per division and up to 4 coaches per division. If, you have any questions about helping the league, contact your current Coach or any of our current Board Members.

Dave Shoemaker – CSSC President

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