1. At what age can I start playing Chico Senior Softball?
If you turn 47 years of age or more during the same calendar year as the season you’re playing then you can play Chico Senior Softball.

Example: If you turned 50 years of age anytime between Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018 you would be considered 50 for the entire 2018 season.

2. Are there different age groups in your league?

Yes, Chico Senior Softball has 3 divisions based on age;

Age 65+, playing on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

Veterans: Ages 55 – 64, playing on Monday & Wednesday evenings.
Open: Ages 47 – 54, playing on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

3. Am I restricted to only playing in my age division?
No, you can play in the division lower/younger than your age classification without board approval. Simply choose the lower/younger division you'd like to play in during registration.

If you choose you can play "Up" a division if you think that fits your skill level more appropriately pending board approval. Register for the division you'd like to play in, and then email the Chico Senior Softball board at board@chicoseniorsoftball.com
stating your intention to play in a division above your age classification.

4. Can I play in more than 1 division?
Yes, you can play in your division, based on your age, and any division that has a lower/younger age classification.

To play in both the Masters & Veterans you must be 68 years of age.

5. When can I register to play in the Chico Senior Softball league?
Go to the Chico Senior Softball Registration page, http://www.chicoseniorsoftball.com/registration . If the next season is there click on the "View Details" link to see when registration will become available. We typically try to have the registration process in place by Nov/Dec each year for the upcoming season.

Additionally, for each division the "View Details" link has more useful information, including the registration Due Date, which varies between divisions.

6. How long is the season?
The season typically begins in March/April and goes into August/beginning of Sept depending on which division you're playing in.

7. Where are the games played?
The season's games are played at Sycamore Field, which is located in Bidwell Park between Sycamore Pool/1 Mile & Caper's Acres.

Play-offs may be played elsewhere due to the need to have divisions playing on the same day. 

8. How many games are there in a season?
This varies based on the number of teams in each division. Typically it's about 24 – 33 games.

9. How are the division champions determined?
For the Open & Veteran divisions; each has a play-off "Tournament" at the end of the season. The season standings determine each teams "seeding" in the Tournament with the #1 seed being the "Season Champion". The Tournament winner is the "Tournament Champion". If the Season & Tournament Champion is the same team, then they are that division's champion.

For the Master's division, there are no play-offs at the end of the season. Whichever team ends the season in 1st place is the division champion.

10. Is this league a recreational or competitive league?
Chico Senior Softball is a recreational softball league. Most members/players are competitive on the field of play; they play to win, but it's all in good fun with a recreational spirit.

11. Are there any special rules in this league?
There are and they can found on the leagues Documents page at http://www.chicoseniorsoftball.com/documents .

12. Are there any equipment restrictions?
Yes and those are also found in our rules document and in the Senior Softball USA rules. Two of note are;

a.    No composite or titanium bats can be used.
b.    No metal cleats can be used.

13. Are there any practice times?
The league has open practices, Monday-Friday, at 4:00pm, at Sycamore Field, starting a few weeks before the season begins, weather permitting. All members of the league & any league eligible, age 47+, members of the community are welcome to participate. When this starts it will be announced on the Chico Senior Softball website each year.

Once the season begins these 4:00pm practices continue each day before the scheduled games. Again, any member of the league can participate.

Also, teams are free to schedule individual practices times if they chose to do so outside of the league times.

14. How do I get placed on a team?
Each year the divisions hold a draft, on different nights, a few weeks before the season begins. Nothing in the draft is based on the previous year's results. Instead the managers draw numbers out of a hat to determine their draft order. Then each manager chooses players on a rotating basis.

If you're new to the league then we encourage you to attend the 4:00pm practices. This helps the
managers get to know you before the draft, but even if you don't attend these practices you will be placed on a team if you have registered.