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Year - End Tournament for Open and Veterans divisions


Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Year - End Tournament

3 Game Round Robin
All Games Played at Hooker Oak Park

Each team will play 2 games on Saturday, Aug. 25, and those scores, along with the last regular season game results, will determine winners.

In addition to the great play, food will be provided on Aug. 25 to players, and their families and friends.

OPEN Division

Wednesday Aug 22 - Final Regular Season Game / Day 1 of Tournament – Rex Murphy Field

5:30pm - Gorillaz vs Loggers
6:30pm - Tarheels vs Wahoos

Saturday August 25 – Day 2 of Tournament – Rex Murphy Field

8:30am - Loggers vs Wahoos
9:45am - Tarheels vs Loggers
11:00am - Gorillaz vs Wahoos
12:15pm - Gorillaz vs Tarheels


Tuesday Aug 21- Final Regular Season Games / Day 1 of Tournament – Hooker Oak Field

5:30pm - Beer View Mirrors vs High Rollers
6:30pm - Sticks vs Who's on 1st

Saturday August 25 – Day 2 of Tournament – Hooker Oak Field

8:30am - Who's on 1st vs Beer View Mirrors
9:45am - High Rollers vs Who's on 1st
11:00am - Beer View Mirrors vs Sticks
12:15pm - Sticks vs High Rollers

  • Winner is Best Record from all 3 games
  • Tie breaker is head to head results and lastly runs allowed
  • All games will be 65 minutes
  • All game batter starts with a 1 and 1 count
  • Home Field on Saturday goes to highest placed regular season team

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