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2018-2019 Board Members

Congratulations to the board members who were elected/re-elected for 2018-2019. The players include: BJ Hobbs (Open), Darrin Yartz (Open), Brock Murdoch (Veterans), Dave Shoemaker (Veterans), and Bill Gardner (Masters). They join Troy Yartz (Open), Ed Tietz (Veterans), and Ron Adams and Dan Ferguson (Masters) on the board.

Thanks to all who ran for the board and thanks to the players who completed their terms on the board: Bob Gilbertson, Morgan Miller and Joe Denk.

Year - End Tournament for Open and Veterans divisions

Year - End Tournament

3 Game Round Robin
All Games Played at Hooker Oak Park

Each team will play 2 games on Saturday, Aug. 25, and those scores, along with the last regular season game results, will determine winners.

In addition to the great play, food will be provided on Aug. 25 to players, and their families and friends.

OPEN Division

Wednesday Aug 22 - Final Regular Season Game / Day 1 of Tournament - Rex Murphy Field

5:30pm - Gorillaz vs Loggers
6:30pm - Tarheels vs Wahoos

Saturday August 25 - Day 2 of Tournament - Rex Murphy Field

8:30am - Loggers vs Wahoos
9:45am - Tarheels vs Loggers
11:00am - Gorillaz vs Wahoos
12:15pm - Gorillaz vs Tarheels


Tuesday Aug 21- Final Regular Season Games / Day 1 of Tournament - Hooker Oak Field

5:30pm - Beer View Mirrors vs High Rollers
6:30pm - Sticks vs Who's on 1st

Saturday August 25 - Day 2 of Tournament - Hooker Oak Field

8:30am - Who's on 1st vs Beer View Mirrors
9:45am - High Rollers vs Who's on 1st
11:00am - Beer View Mirrors vs Sticks
12:15pm - Sticks vs High Rollers

  • Winner is Best Record from all 3 games
  • Tie breaker is head to head results and lastly runs allowed
  • All games will be 65 minutes
  • All game batter starts with a 1 and 1 count
  • Home Field on Saturday goes to highest placed regular season team

Congratulations to 2018 Open, Veterans, and Masters league champs and award winners !

Thanks to all for another great season of Chico Senior Softball !

Congratulations to all of the 2018 league and playoff winners. The winners include: Tarheels (Open regular season and playoff champ), Sticks (Veterans regular season champ, Who's on 1st (Veterans playoff champ), and Underdogs (Masters regular season champ).

Congratulations to the Open division award winners: Sportsman of the Year: Pat Napoli; and Most Valuable Player: Todd Lanam and Troy Yartz.

Congratulations to the Veterans division award winners: Sportsman of the Year: Lefty Chell and Ed Caldwell; and Most Valuable Player: Frank Catomerisios .

Congratulations to the Masters division award winners: Denny Weisgerber Semper Fi Award (Sportsman of the Year): Ron Adams; and Most Valuable Player: Felix Trevino.

Congratulations to 2018 Chico Senior Softball Hall of Fame Inductees !

Congratulations to Jaime Barron, Doug Keister, Leon Wagner, Jim Reynolds, Ed Tietz, Tim Klick, and Rob Greenberg on their induction into the Chico Senior Softball Hall of Fame for 2018 !

The players were honored at the Open and Veterans Year-End tournament games on August 22, 2018, and at the Masters games on August 24 and 30, 2018. Thanks to all involved in the events.

Click here to go to Chico Senior Softball on Facebook. On Facebook, scroll down to view photos from the induction ceremonies.

Urgent Help Needed !


Chico Senior Softball 2018 season is closing in on 30 years of operations. Those 30 years of existence are due to the hard work and support by our members and sponsors. However, every year we struggle to get members involved in the operation of the league. For the league to grow and operate effectively we need volunteers. That means we need our players to step up as a Coach or Board Member.

Coaching is not difficult and requires little time. It is just managing the players that YOU choose on draft night as your team, then deciding where to place players and setting the batting order each game. Having new coaches means NOT burning out the same volunteer coaches, year after year. New coaches bring new dynamics, putting together different combinations of players for each team.

Being a Board Member, it is just about representing your division players in our monthly Board Meeting. The Board is currently involved with CARD's efforts to expand and modernize their facilities. The Board is also involved with the design of the New Regional Sports Complex South of town.

There are many of opportunities for players to be involved at all levels and we need each one of you to consider stepping up this next year. Each year we need 1 or 2 new Board members per division and up to 4 coaches per division. If, you have any questions about helping the league, contact your current Coach or any of our current Board Members.

Dave Shoemaker – CSSC President

Come out and enjoy hot dogs at the Vets games on 08-14-2018

Come out and enjoy hot dogs at the Vets games tonight. This is the final night at Sycamore Field this season (next week's games are at Hooker Oak Park), so come out and enjoy some great softball along with the hot dogs. See you there !

Board Meeting rescheduled to Oct. 1

The board meeting scheduled for September 10 has been cancelled. The next meeting will be October 1.

Rules document for 2018 updated 07-02-2018

The Rules document has been updated for 2018. Click here to download a copy of the rules or click the Rules tab above.

See the Full Story/More below for more info on the updates.

Please read the Rules to be ready for the season !

Registration now closed -- contact the board if interested in playing

At this time, the rosters on all teams are full. Open registration for this year is now closed. However, openings may occur due to various reasons.

If you are interested in joining the league and playing in the 2018-19 Fall Ball or 2019 Regular season, contact a board member about the possibility of adding your name to a list of potential players. Send email to, or click here for a list of the current board members.

Team photos for 2018

Doug Keister will be taking team photos again this season (thanks Doug). He will be taking the photos the third week of April: April 16 - 19.

Managers, please remind your players to look good and be a little early...

Games rescheduled due to rain

The Masters game scheduled for Thursday, April 5, at 6:30pm, has been rescheduled for Monday, April 16, at 5:15pm.

On days when the weather and/or field conditions are questionable, call the CARD rain line number 895-4711, ext. 3, up to an hour before game time for an update. Note that CARD may update the rain line earlier in the day, based on conditions. If possible, info will be posted to our website if specific games are cancelled.

CARD Rain line info

On days when the weather and/or field conditions are questionable, call the CARD rain line number 895-4711, ext. 3, up to an hour before game time for an update. Note that CARD may update the rain line earlier in the day, based on conditions. If possible, info will be posted to our website if specific games are cancelled.

Visit us on Facebook

Chico Senior Softball has added a Facebook page. Click here to visit our page, and remember to Like us on Facebook.

Teams & schedules posted -- it's time to play !

Welcome to 2018!

It's time to play! Opening night is March 26!

Join us as the Masters division opens the new season at Sycamore Field. The rosters and schedules have been posted, so check out your team and division.

Note that there are teams in all three divisions that need players, so if you know a player that has not signed up, please encourage them to do to so.

You still have time to get ready for the season as practice continues at Sycamore Field (weather permitting).

Play ball !

Register for 2018 !

Welcome to 2018 !

Division drafts have been completed and rosters and schedules posted as league play begins on March 26.

Registration is open, so you can still join the fun and register on our website !

A downloadable application is available if you prefer not to register online.

Note that practice continues at Sycamore Field (weather permitting).


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